Together, Building Successful Businesses and Strong Families

Building a successful business and a strong family looks different for everyone. It's very personal and a reflection of who you are, where you are at, and what your vision is for the future.

Synergize is an action word that means to combine various parts or work together to produce enhanced results. Family-owned businesses often produce this enhanced result. Statistics show that family-owned businesses consistently outperform non-family-owned businesses in various financial performance metrics. In other words, the family and the business synergize to create an effect which is greater than what each could accomplish on its own.

A Little About Us

Many people involved in family businesses find themselves facing challenges and complexity on a day-to-day basis. They might be experiencing difficulties relating to communication, change, sibling rivalry, succession planning, and decision making, to name just a few. They might feel torn between things like family and business, and maybe confused about what is fair. Many people also struggle as a result of having too many “hats” to wear on any given day or even in any given moment.

We created Synergize Family Business Consulting for these people.

We bring extensive education and experience, along with an in-depth understanding of the field of Family Enterprise. We use research—based tools and processes, and a unique, customized, family-specific approach to help those who desire to synergize. That’s what we’re here for. Together, building successful businesses and strong families.

What We Do



We understand the sensitive nature of family business transition. We use a variety of tools and processes to ensure alignment, identify obstacles, and build strategies for success in the family, the business, and the ownership systems. We support families as they implement their plan, helping them to bring their vision to reality.



We are experienced facilitators and we appreciate that when it comes to Family Business, one size does not fit all. We work closely with business owners to understand their unique challenges and needs, and provide family-specific solutions and ongoing support. In every situation, we keep the family at the centre of our approach.



Perhaps you want to better understand your business; help your team focus on the specific steps to reach goals; or present your future direction to external stakeholders.We can help you “up your game” in strategic and business planning by creating a clear, comprehensive, actionable plan for both short- and long-term objectives.


Our team is available for training and consultation to assist leadership teams, next-generation successors, and up-and-coming management. We provide training on topics related to assessing and developing knowledge, skills and abilities; building leadership competencies; and increasing leader effectiveness.



It’s easy to find yourself so focused on the day-to-day functions of your family business, that identifying performance gaps becomes challenging. We can provide an objective assessment of your business to help you evaluate employee and company performance, identify opportunities, and develop strategies to ensure overall improvement.



Balancing the needs of various stakeholders within your family business is no small task. We can help to ensure that policies, procedures, systems, and controls are designed to meet your specific needs and that communication and decision-making processes are aligned with best practices as well as your individual culture and style.

How We Do It

By Priding Ourselves

on having a strong understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of business families.

By Keeping The Success

of both the family and the business(es) at the centre of everything we do.

By Addressing All Aspects

(psychological, relational, and technical) of leading, managing, and transitioning family businesses to secure positive outcomes through innovative, research-based tools and techniques.

By Focusing Our Efforts

not only on transition and change events, but also on the everyday necessities of building capacity and resilience, keeping families communicating and solving problems, and ensuring clear, actionable plans for achieving the vision.

By Ensuring Confidentiality

so our clients’ privacy is always protected, and that people are treated with dignity and respect at every step in the process.

We begin with the end in mind and help you to stay in charge of your future, proactively working together to build successful businesses and strong families.

What People Are Saying

"I stuck with it through the entire process, and there were times when I really had no idea where we were going but then when the recommendations came back it all made sense and I understood all that we went through. It was the biggest moment for me, and there’s so much value here for us to move forward! This has been so good for our entire family and worth every hour and dollar we’ve invested."

"The value is in every little detail – things that we didn’t even see happening at the time. At every meeting we started with “Where are we at?” and “What are our goals?” and this review and referencing back to our history and vision created resilience in our family as we went through the process and it is armor going forward for whatever we face, both difficulties and opportunities. Thank you!"

"Having a third party come in and work with our family has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. There is no way we ever could have gleaned an objective overview of all the perspectives of our adult children and in-laws, and to be honest I didn’t know the importance of it and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea at first. But I’m amazed at how this whole process was handled and the good that has come from it. We’ve learned so much about our family and our business, we’ve learned new ways of thinking about things, we’ve got some great tools and this is incredibly helpful when it comes to figuring out the things that trip up a lot of  families."

"Our lender introduced us to Angela after a business planning discussion at our annual review, and we are extremely happy we chose to work with her. Angela is an excellent facilitator and knows how to bring out the best in people who are working together as a team. She led us every step of the way, making the process so much easier, and she pulled all the pieces together as we went. She made us think, she challenged us, she gave us homework, and in the end not only did we have an excellent plan, but since we worked together to build it my two siblings and I are on the same page. We know our business and the intricacies of our plan extremely well and we’re much more confident as a result. We couldn’t have done this alone!"

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